Reliable Disinfectant
Spray Machine Manufacturer

Starting from a low MOQ of 10PCS, Ausbeen qualified and stylish faucets make your wholesale business more flexible and profitable.

Genuine Materials

We guarantee great reliability, as we only use the finest genuine materials for all our products.

Strict Quality Control

Our clients are able to confirm samples three times and receive a final inspection report for quality assurance.

High Quality Guaranteed

All our devices are produced to exceed standards, always meeting the EN standard requirements.

Trusted by WORLD CLASS Companies

more than 2,120 companies from 96 countries trust us, the count is increasing.


Ausbeen delivers desired results in a multitude of public and private spaces. It’s applications are limitless:


Construction sites, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Operations, Mining Sites


Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Pharmacies


Airports, Train Stations, Bus & Ferry Terminals

Entertainment & Hospitality

Cinemas, Concert Venues, Convention Spaces, Hotels, Theme Parks


Hospitals, Long Term Care Homes, Assisted Living Centres, Health Care Practitioner Offices, Fitness Centres


Universities, Colleges, Schools

Our Know-how GUARANTEES To Meet All YOUR Needs.

Ausbeen is a professional R&D automatic soap dispenser & sprayer devices manufacturer in China. We are willing and are able to become a leader in this field. Our main goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date, reliable and safe inverters, offering the most efficient solutions. Besides, the company’s specialists carry out engineering and implement complex projects.

More important, we have extensive experience in the industry built over decades of working with customers. We particularly rich experience in designing products as per the market trends. We have 10 years of experience in hygiene products. We know how to build products working best for the high humidity areas and increasing its lifetime and reliability. Let us make your life health and your business with reliable products!

Endless and BOUNDLESS SOURCES of Inspiration

Our team of talented designers are inspired by all kinds of everyday objects.

Their unique ideas in designing new products, strongly supported by our advanced manufacturing technology, help to make your product stand out above the others.

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Why Choose AUSBEEN?

Helping businesses deliver content that engages, informs and entertains.

Research and Development Capabilities

Mechanical design, electronic design, software and system design constantly develop and refine our products with the latest disinflection devices hardware and software technologies.

Creative and Practical Design

Over 10 years of experience in hygiene devices design helps us to successfully go through the idea and conception phase. We take pride in providing custom display solutions that make a world of difference.

Quality Management System

Our availability and willingness to update our strict quality management system lead to a long service life, robust brightness, color coordination and signal stability.


Happy Customers & Partners

” We have cooperated with Ausbean for around 3 years and the services they provide has impressed me. Whenever we ask any questions, we always get the answers back before the day ends. More importantly, the products they manufactured are durable but at a really competitive price.

We are glad to partner with AusBean and they have never failed us. They can provide a good solution for our plan with gorgeous design and packing. Moreover, they are able to manufacture large quantities to meet our need in time. We foresee a long relationship with them. “

— AusBean

” I came without some vague ideas but very soon I was thrown off by their professional suggestions at the very beginning. As we moved forward with the order, I was once again surprised by their new products of excellent craftsmanship. The Ausbean team is just a joy to work with. “

— Paul Blutter

” We greatly appreciate AUSBEAN’S products and service. The raw materials they choose is of high quality but with low cost so that the products they manufactured are pretty popular in our market. We look forward to more business with them. “

— Manus Loggere

” The Ausbean team is reliable, responding to issues almost immediately, and always going the extra mile to get us what we need as fast as possible. ”

PD Narula
— Md. Nazmul Islam

” Ausbean has always given us top-notch service and products. Their reps are very knowledgeable, always available, and more than willing to help. If we ever need anything, I know that Ausbean is just a phone call away. “

— Cristian Ulloa

Our goal is to make hospital-grade disinfection equipment — including UVC emitters, air purifiers, touchless vending machines, and electrostatic sprayers — available and accessible to everyone.


Oder from 10PCS to start up your business flexibly.

Fast Delivery

Secured by China-based factory and US-based warehouse.

Unique Designs

Keep launching marketable designs every month based on customer feedback.

Return and Exchange

Free return within 7 days and exchange within 30 days.

1-Year Warranty

Covering all parts and faucets with reliable after-sales service.

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