Mobile type Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Model: A3

Color: White / black.
The Main Structure : 30x15xH140cm
Bottom base size: 40*200*8cm
Capacity for pump: 1000ml
Door design: can be open by the keys
Layer design: 2 layers
Mobile design

Note: can print your logo and design on the surface


Floor stand with 1000ml high capacity
Optional Wheel design can be moved easily


Material: 100% Virgin ABS Engineering Plastic
Pump mode: Spray/ Drop
Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Alarm Type: Flashing + Bleeping “DIDIDI”
Alarm Temperature: Adjustable
Support Language: 12 languages
Mounting Type: Wall-hanging, Tripod-fixed
Volume: Hand Sanitizer or Liquid Disinfection
Measuring Distance: 5-10cm
Measuring Range: 0℃-50℃
Working Temperature: 10℃-40℃
Power Supply: DC 5V/4 AA batteries
Standby Time: 5s for non-working, dynamic loop with white light
Response Time: 500ms
Dimension: 121.7×131.5x301mm


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