Touchless Disinfectant Hygiene Station Model : G-30M

Product Size:240x132x1230mm
Unit Weight: kg
Material: Iron sheet metal+ABS
Capacity: 2x4L
Sensing Distance: 2-10±2cm
Power Supply: 5x“AA”batteries



1- Dosage is adjustable;
2- When the battery is low or the hand sanitizer is used up, the top of the product will flash a red light to remind you to
replace the battery or hand sanitizer.
3- 6pcs AA alkaline batteries can be used for 40,000 times.

Customization :
1. Power type: Lithium battery or Mobile power bank (without)
2. Temperature measurement
3. Adding Electronic display to show ads
4. DIY print ads
5. It can be customized according to the requirements of different customers

• Suitable for 4L Large refillable bottle and can put the 2 bottle of 4L
• Suitable for 75% alcohol content sanitizer
• Durable control box with adjustable Dispensing dosage: 0.2ml & 0.4ml, 0.6ml
• Ideal for all kinds of public occasions!
* Liquid shortage reminder and low pressure reminder function



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